Rain Light Fade

We're not dead yet

Rain Light Fade is a community of artists. We're Dane, Steve G., Ian, Mike, Ira, Steve R., Ryan, Eric, Cameron, Adam, and many more people we've met and worked with over the years. We're on a hiatus right now, and we're not sure what's going to happen with Rain Light Fade. Dane's going to work on solo stuff, Ira and Steve G. are working on a project called Crashdown Butterfly. Ian's got a third kid on the way and will be juggling babies and his own music. Mike's going to keep grinding on that bass in some way or another. 

We've been at this for over six years, and it's a part of us we're sad to put on a proverbial shelf for the time being. On this site, you'll find out music and videos. We'd appreciate your support for our art, even if we're not doing anything for a while. Listen to the music, watch the videos, share our stuff with the world. We'll still be around, and will hopefully have a little more time to support other artists in the area. Thanks for the good times, folks.